Posted on Friday, 27 May 2011

News :: The-new-movement-is-here :: cover

So here we have it....the compilation is finally here!!!!! We have waited a long time for "The New Movement" to rise up and mess with your ear-drums, you might even want to blast it out at your grandmas birthday party, watch her bass face explode :D This release is actually been compiled by Matheus himself!!! We have some fucking awesome tracks from breakcore,dub,idm,dnb and weird sounds,Which Core Collective likes to hear. So here's the track-listing and the download link :

01 - Matheus - Old Friend Junkie
02 - Bujuben - Family Wan
03 - Rudi Ragga - Poor People
04 - Jamie T & Cmore - Reptilian Skillz
05 - New Age Tramp - Jungle Book
06 - Rubbernaut - Stab Mesen
07 - Sinister - Space Glider
08 - Bleuebeard - Unfortunate Dippings
09 - Apokryphem - Crimson Eyed Scissors
10 - Tom Linnell - So
11 - Ctrl & Esc - Lonely Days
12 - Sock Therapy - EXT1
13 - Avul - Rising
14 - Vulgate Empress - Axe Me Into The....
15 - Gritty - Who Am I ?
16 - Matt:Scratch - Core Blimey
17 - Jamin Nimjah - Born To Clash :D

We at Core Collective would just like to take a moment ans say thank you all for downloading this release and we hope u all enjoy it as much as we do :D More releases to come in the near future so make you keep checking us out for updates,pics,video and brand new music!!!! So once again thank you very much for downloading the compilation. ENJOY BITCHES!!!! :D


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